Free Online Games

If you are one of those who like to play in the company, nothing better than a good game with online mode. We review those that are currently the best computer games to play free online for PC in this 2019. Great titles that will allow you to compare your skills with people around the world and without spending a single euro.

In the video game industry, trends are increasingly focused on networking. Many multiplayer proposals await countless hours, especially to enjoy in company.

The demand is such that it is almost impossible to make a compilation without leaving us many jewels behind, but we will bring together, as much as possible, those we consider to be the best free PC games to play online.

  1. Brawlhalla

Unlike the previous one, Brawlhalla is a platform game with which you can compete for both online and locally alone and cooperatively. Up to 8 players can fight to prove who is best in this game developed by Blue Mammoth Games. It offers various game modes such as Brawball or Bombstekball. If you’re interested, you can play it here.

  1. Fortnite Battle Royale

It is the phenomenon of the moment, and Fortnite could not miss in a list of best free PC games to play online. Epic Games ‘ Battle Royale is a gem that is causing a sensation thanks to its dynamic in which we will have to survive against 99 other soldiers on an island full of dangers. Building and watching our backs to be the last survivor and get an epic victory.

  1. Goodgame Empire

We are faced with a classic cutting strategy title in the purest Age of Empires style but free and without the need to download anything. At the Goodgame Empire, we become the regents of civilization, and it is up to us to build an empire from scratch based on building and creating troops for our army. If you want to play it, you can play it from here.

  1. Hattrick

If you like football, Hattrick is one of the best free managers available. This title allows us to create our football team, booking players, and competing against players from around the world. A sports strategy game with more than 20 years of history and free. If you are interested, you can play Hattrick through this link.

  1. Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft

The title developed by Blizzard for mobile devices and PC is one of the most popular cards of today. Inspired by the Warcraft universe, it allows us to create deck cards to confront players from around the world or the machine.

Of course, Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft allows to invoke henchmen, cast spells or equip weapons and is in the continuous update to make the experience bigger and better. A must if you like card games. If you want to enjoy what is one of the best free online strategy games for PC, you can do it from here.

  1. League of Legends

The Lord of the MOBA is League of Legends, which was born as a project without too much perspective and has become the main focus of the vast majority of sports championships. It is never too late to enter your world and learn its numerous mechanics. From there, to become a ‘pros,’ there is a step… or a few.

  1. Paladins

Another of the best free PC games to play online, a free-to-play Steam title that is sweeping this year, as it has already overcome the barrier of 15 million users. Hi-Rez Studios ‘ free multiplayer title is very similar to Overwatch and features a lot of characters and skills that offer variety to each game.

Also, Paladins has many game modes, all of them for free, and if you have not yet played it, don’t waste any more time and access this link to download it.

  1. Rising Cities

But if your thing is the strategy games where you have to build a city and manage its resources, Rising Cities is your title. This is a title in the purest SimCity style that will delight all lovers of the genre. In addition to building buildings, we have to raise taxes, boost trade. Anyway, everything a good leader in a big city does. If you want to send more than anyone else, play Rising Cities online for free through this link.

  1. Sparta War of Empires

The mythical war between Spartans and Persians over Greek territory (the same one we saw in film 300) is what makes Sparta War of Empires a particular title. This strategy game invites us to participate in the classic war leading Sparta. Our mission is to get resources and sign agreements with other cities to improve our army and thus confront the all-powerful Persian Empire. If you are interested, you can play one of the best online strategy games through this link.

  1. World of Warcraft

With the recent release of World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth, which better plan than to revisit the universe created by Blizzard, and which for so many years has already crowned itself the king of online video games thanks to its myriad tasks and the eternal struggle between the Horde and the Legion.

So far our review of the best free online games for PC 2019. Do you know any worthier of being on the list? If so, leave it in our comments section of this article.